I am really pleased with my GardX paint protection. I have washed my car three times with it & then used the conserver & honestly WOW the finish it leaves on my Jeep & the Mica Paint Finish really stands out when the sunlight hits my car!! I would highly recommend it to everyone & will happily continue to order it from yourselves from now on!!

I am really happy with my GardX products I got from my local dealer. I always use to use a competitor for many years, but after using the full range of GardX products on my current car, I know which one to use in the future!

I think GardX protection is brilliant! I received the welcome kit when I purchased it with my car. It was really handy to fit in my boot, I loved the easiness of it. Their products are so easy to use and all the instructions are on the bottles. I absolutely love GardX conserver, it’s so easy to apply and it creates a fantastic hydrophobic coat. Also, GardX Glass Guard is fantastic, I last applied it 3 months ago and rain is still beading on my windscreen like I applied it yesterday!

GardX paint protection is a fantastic product! Applied firstly by my local dealer where I bought my car, a monthly wash with GardX Wash and Wax followed by GardX Conserver ensures the car looks immaculate and any dirt that does appear wipes off with ease. It even comes in a handy hold-all that keeps all the cleaning kit together – I would highly recommend GardX

I couldn’t be happier with the GardX protection on my car.
It beads water like a dream and makes regular car washing a lot quicker. I will definitely have it on my future cars – 10 out of 10!

The application of the GardX system to my Autotrail motor home, has delivered a vehicle in showroom condition; I am delighted. I have nothing but praise for the Arnchem team, who carried out the work. They are professional, diligent and hard working, with an enthusiasm for the products they are applying and for a job completed to the highest standards. My sincere thanks.