Professional Aftermarket Products

GardX Maintain is a range of professional products manufactured by GardX for automotive application.

Air Conditioning Cleaner

What does it do?

Combats and eliminates the source of bacteria, viruses and stale odours that can circulate in a vehicle’s air conditioning systems. GardX Air Conditioning Cleaner will help prevent the build up of harmful germs, algae and bacteria that propagate in the air conditioning system’s evaporator and ductwork. Untreated vehicle air conditioning systems can lead to the cabin air that you breathe causing streaming noses, sore throats and runny eyes.

Potentially, airborne viruses and infections can be circulated through air conditioning systems. GardX Air Conditioning System Cleaner eliminates this hazard. 


  • Destroys harmful bacteria, viruses, germs and algae at source. 
  • Deodorises the interior of the vehicle. 
  • Eliminates stale musty odours.