Can I still Polish my vehicle when GardX has been applied?

Yes you can still polish your car with any good quality wax polish.

Water does not bead up on my cloth seats?

Water will not always bead up, this is dependent on the weave of the material/cloth. If liquid should sink into the material, it will not leave a stain.

Where do I go if I want to have GardX reapplied?

GardX is a once only application.

How much does the GardX Vehicle Protection system cost?

We do not sell the Vehicle Protection System directly to the public therefore the retail price is subject to the dealer/retailers discretion. Please call your local approved GardX Dealer for more information.

Are there any environmental benefits of having GardX on my car?

Yes! Having the GardX Vehicle Protection system on your vehicle means that you do not have to wash your car as often, reducing the amount of water you use and the use of potentially harmful cleaning products.

I have a soft top convertible car, can GardX be applied to my soft top roof?

Unfortunately the GardX Paint Protection only covers paint surfaces.

Is GardX VPS suitable for all colours and paint types?
Can be applied to all paint types and colours except Matt finishes.

What should I do if I get bird droppings/lime on my car?

In the event of getting bird droppings on your vehicle, they must be removed in a timely manner. Bird dropping Remover can be bought from the GardX Online Shop.

What does my GardX Guarantee cover?
 Please refer to your GardX Terms and Conditions.

Can I apply GardX myself or does it need to be professionally applied?

The GardX Vehicle Protection System must be professionally applied.

Where can I get GardX applied to my car?

Please call the GardX office and we will advise you of your nearest local GardX retailer.

Where can I purchase GardX Aftercare products from?

You can purchase a range of GardX aftercare products from the GardX Online Shop.

I have had an accident in my car and have had to have a repair done, can GardX be re-applied to the repaired area?

Yes. Please inform your bodyshop/repairer before the work is carried out that you have GardX Protection on your vehicle and ask them to contact GardX Protection directly. Your insurance company will pay for the reapplication.

Can I transfer my GardX guarantee?

If you sell your car, the GardX guarantee can be transferred to the new owner by the guarantee Holder, for a small administrative cost. Please click here for the GardX ‘contact us’ page to complete the transfer form.

Is GardX a car cleaning company?
We manufacture the products. Dealers/Retailers, Valeters and Salesman are trained and certificated to Apply and Sell GardX.

Once GardX has been applied, how should I wash my car?

After GardX has been applied you can wash your car as normal, that includes Car Wash, Jet Wash or Hand Wash. There are no restrictions on how to wash your Vehicle. We recommend that you use the GardX aftercare products found in your take home pack and also available to buy on the GardX online shop to clean your car, however any high quality car shampoo can also be used. Please note, that the use of abrasive products such as any cutting agents, should be avoided as this will remove the GardX Protection.

When can I obtain GardX Maintain products from?

We do not sell GardX Maintain products directly to the public. Please call your local approved GardX Dealer for more information.

Where can I purchase GardX Air Conditioning cleaners?

The GardX Air Conditioning cleaner range is a professional product that can be applied by a GardX retailer. Please contact your local service centre to see if they stock GardX Air Conditioning cleaners, and if not they can contact us to obtain the products.